Wenzhou  Haoge  anti-counterfeiting technology

Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009, is committed to a

special anti-counter feiting label printing, cultural

industry  research and development, production

and sales of national high-tech enterprises. Our

company  has around 6 sets of HP lndigo digital

printing machine, 9+1 multi-functional label print

ing   machine,   label   automatic   identification

system,   laser   engraving   machine   and  CTP

drawing software. With digital printing, letterpress

printing,   flexo  printing,  offset   printing,   screen

printing,   etc.  Our   company   passed   the   in

ternational ISO9001 quality system certification,

FSC    environmental    certification  and  Disney

certification. Adher ing to the "intention to create

the perfect quality" busi ness philosophy, to build

a security printing and folk cultural features of the

industry   leading   enterprises.   From   creative

design to finished products, to provide customers

with  the most perfect  and high  quality service.

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